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LV. 91







-phase out-


"Why did my computer have to die…? It had my Crystal ROM file on it! Those poor Pokémon…"

I looked down at the battered laptop in my hands. I had just switched laptops again. It seemed as though I went through them quite quickly. After all, this was the 4th one I had owned.

As a Pokémon fan, and a lover of the older generation games, I had downloaded a Crystal GB ROM onto my first laptop. I had hours of fun playing on it- I always transferred the file when it was time to get a new laptop computer so that my adventures with my beloved digital Pokémon could continue. It had been transferred to 3 laptops before this happened.

"Stupid hacker! Why they have to send a virus to my computer, I mean, out of all the computers in the world it had to get into mine. "

I had tons of Pokémon on my save file, especially one that was very close to me… my starter, a female Cyndaquil (now Typhlosion) named Fox. A female starter! Rare enough on its own, but I loved the little girl to bits. We bested all of our foes together- the 16 Gyms, the Elite Four, even Red himself. I was so close to leveling her up to level 100 too!


My mom walked into my room.

"Dear, please toss out that dead laptop. The technicians said it can't be fixed- the virus got to it too quickly and corrupted everything. It can't even be used for scrap materials now."  She said.

"I'll throw it away in a minute, Mom."


She walked out of the room, frowning a little. I think I was worrying her.

I suppose there was nothing that could be done…  I'd have to dump the laptop.

Goodbye…  Fox.


The laptop had been tossed into the trash, and I had finished setting up my new laptop.

"Alright! Let's see what this computer can do."

It had been a few days since I threw the old one out, I couldn't immediately go on the internet after the last laptop crashed. It was weird… the technicians said our internet had gotten some of the virus in it.

No one in my house was allowed to log online for any reason, lest more of our computers crash. In a technological age like this, it was an issue, but that was in the past.

And now I was back online, going to go download a new ROM to play on. After all, my real Crystal cartridge's time-battery died a few years ago.
I went onto a search engine and looked up sites for ROMs. I found a suitable one and started the download while I relaxed and watched some videos online.  My headphones were in, and all was well.
All of a sudden, I saw a pop-up appear on my computer.

"A FOX has found its way into the hen-house. Follow it?"

Two options were under the message: Yes and No.

"What a weird pop-up… I'm just X-ing out of this."

I frowned and clicked the small red X icon in the top right corner of the pop-up.

It didn't exit the pop-up. Frustrated, I clicked again and again. It didn't work.

I put down the laptop. "Mom, the laptop is acting funny!" walking into the other room, I noticed a note on the table:

"Dear, your father and I went out to get some groceries, sorry for not telling you- you were listening to music and I didn't want to bother you. Be home soon." - Mom

I put down the note after reading it and walked back into my room.

"Alright, you know what; I'll play this little game, pop-up."

I knew it was against my better judgment, but my curiosity was getting the better of me. I knew a little bit about computers and I hadn't heard of this particular spam message before- who knows, it could've led me to something stupid and then let me leave… Alas, hindsight is 20-20.

I clicked 'YES', and my laptop's screen went black.

"What the…"

Green gridded lines flowed over the screen; it looked like something out of the Matrix for a moment, ha-ha.  Through my headphones I heard a dial-up tone, you know, the sound you hear when you're waiting for someone to pick up your phone call. I tried turning the sound down, and taking the headphones off- but the volume wouldn't lower. Having the sound blasting on my speakers didn't help either, so I kept them on.

I tried pressing the buttons on my keyboard, but nothing worked. However, I found that when I pressed the arrows on the keyboard- it seemed as though I was able to move around. The grids would sift slightly, and I could look around this new 'room' of sorts.

"I guess I better find this 'FOX' then… Weird… Normally pop-ups just lead you to an ad page or something. Never heard of this…"

As I guided my, I'm not even sure what I should call it, 'character' around this 'area', slowly other images came into view. Fragments of sound would come through on my headphones, like bits of old 8-bit songs. I noticed that some of the 'walls' started to have patterns on them. Green pixels that… well, they looked like Pokémon. Some Unown images even appeared on the walls. No words though.

Strangely enough the only sprite images that I saw on the walls were ones I had…

"Wait, why are Pokémon that I had captured in my old Crystal ROM appearing here?"

I glared at the laptop's screen.

I tried to shut the computer off, or take the battery out- but as this was a new laptop, I didn't know where the battery latch was and I couldn't remove it.

The power button was jammed as well. I couldn't access anything else on the machine either- no home menu, no exit, nothing.

I sighed.

"I have a very bad feeling about this."

My 'character' walked forward into the area where most of the sprites were appearing.

All of a sudden, I heard a faint cry coming through the dial-tone on my headphones.


It sounded almost like…

I walked forward and came to a small room. The path had ended, and the images on the walls looked almost like constellations. I looked up. There was nothing but black.

"I have to get out of here. I don't even know the 'rules' of this game I've gotten myself into… what if something comes out and attacks me? Maybe that would be good, then maybe I could get out of this thing."

I looked around and small a small opening near the corner of the room, as I walked there, something began to materialize.


The cry sounded louder this time. I backed away from the gray vortex that appeared and began to edge out of the small room back into the adjoining corridor.

A distorted orange flame could be seen from the end of the corridor. Black dots were spotting the shifting flame- colors shifted between rust orange and blood red. The haze it gave off was quickly becoming clearer.

"Crap, crap, crap- I have to get out of here! What the heck is that thing! I'm running away from it!"

Screaming this and other profanities at the laptop, I quickly ran my character out of the corridor, trying to find somewhere, anywhere, to hide. In a game where you can't defend yourself at all, sometimes hiding is the only way to survive.

Suddenly, a wall of hexagons arose from the 'ground' in front of me. I couldn't go anywhere, I was trapped.
I ran towards the corner of the area I was in. I didn't know any controls, I couldn't fight. I decided that I'd try to outwit what was haunting me, at the very least.

"Why I am I getting so stressed, it's just a game after all…"

Looking around the room again, I tried to walk through a slim opening in the wall of hexagons. The moment I tried however, harsh white noise came in through my headphones.


I crumpled over on the laptop. That hurt. It wasn't imagined pain… the noise was able to momentarily disable me.

"What kind of game is this?! The world of the digital isn't supposed to affect reality!"

I screamed this at the laptop, it didn't respond.

However, I saw something from the corner of my eye- the thing had gotten into the room at last.

I slowly turned my character's view to look at it.

"No… not… it can't be."

I gazed in horror and despair at the screen.

I saw in the green gridded room a Typhlosion. Not a normal one however, its eyes were black like coals, its fire was rust orange and blood red, its body was a blackened or burned kind of teal, and black dots surrounded it. The black 'corruptions' were mainly coming from its fire around the neck- and strangely enough they were not anywhere near its cream stomach markings.

It had a collar on it… it said 'FOX'.

My eyes became wide.

"Fox, girl, is that you? How… why…? What happened to you?!"

I was desperately screaming at the laptop as this point- I don't know why, after all, how could a laptop hear me?

The Typhlosion that I believed was Fox only roared back at me. The fire spiked on its back, and it charged at me.

My character was burning in a blaze of fire- Fox had used Flame Wheel on me.

All at once my skin started prickling, like your foot does when it falls asleep. I couldn't move, I felt paralyzed, I tried talking…

"Fox…. Why…? I… I… didn't…. mean…"

I was crying. Fox wouldn't stop.

On the walls of the area I was trapped in I noticed type appearing-


The words wouldn't stop.

Tears were streaming down my face. Black tears were appearing under Fox's eyes.

I could only guess that Fox was upset that I had abandoned her to the virus… I couldn't do anything to stop it though. I tried to save her!

"Fox…. Please… Listen…. I…"

Fox roared again and spiked her flames. Waves of pain washed through my body as I heard her roar. I struggled to speak though.

"Fox! STOP! The virus ate away at the data too quickly; no one was able to stop it-!"

Fox roared again. More pain.

"I tried to save you! I tried to bring you to this new computer, but I couldn't! I didn't want to leave you or any of my other Pokemon behind! Please…"

Fox roared again and shook her head. This time the pain was weaker.

"The virus… it destroyed everything… It destroyed you too, didn't it? That's why you look so corrupted… It took you away from me. It made you into a virus too. You must have been the one who infected our internet a few days ago… Oh, Fox…"

I was crying. The tears were falling all over my keyboard. Fox was roaring in agony, black tears were streaming down her face. Her fire had begun to die down.

The pain went away.

I walked over to the cringing Typhlosion that was Fox. She looked up as I went over.

"Fox… I'm here now, I can heal you- we can go to the repair shop and the technicians will delete the virus, c'mon, we need to get out of here."

Fox looked up with her coal black eyes and smiled a little. She stretched out one of her paws toward my character- and her eyes began to return to normal but-

The dial-up tone sounded loud in my ears.

As the fire on Fox's neck went down, the black dots froze in space where they were- they began to fly straight towards my character. There was no doubting it; this was a manifestation of the virus that had so completely destroyed my previous laptop. These things were also what had been able to cause me pain when Fox attacked me.

I had to get away.

Screaming for Fox to follow me, I tried to run through the corridor to bypass the wall of hexagons. Fox was following me, roaring at the dots to no avail.

It was a dead end. I turned around.

Staring at the dots in horror, I closed my eyes and screamed loudly for Fox to run away.

All of a sudden the noise stopped and I heard a cry:


I opened my eyes. Fox was standing in front of me, blasting a Flamethrower at the dots.

Next to me, I noticed a small hole in the wall I could get through.

"Fox, c'mon, we have to get out of here!"

Fox looked back at me with a normal eye. She couldn't speak since she was using Flamethrower, but her eye gazed at me sadly.

I knew she meant that I had to escape while I still could. These things could actually destroy me… she was aware she was data. She would simply be deleted as her current self if she was destroyed.

"No… Fox!"  

I tried to walk towards her, but she stopped her Flamethrower for a moment and pushed me into the hole- resuming her attack in front of the hole, blocking it.

Crying, I ran towards a small white light I saw in the distance… running…. Running…

All at once the grids were gone. As if waking up from a dream, my screen looked normal.

My internet was even back on the same webpage I had left it on.

A pop-up appeared.


The only option was 'OK'.

I clicked it, and things went back to normal.


Shortly after this, my parents had come back home and were surprised to see me so shaken up.

I said I was fine, that I had just been watching a scary movie or something.

Nothing ever popped up on my laptop again, I even went to the store to get it checked out- no traces of any virus were on it.

"Thank you, Fox." I said as I went to sleep that night.
The next day, I decided to play that Crystal ROM I had downloaded.

As I started it up, I watched the intro credits and relived a bit of nostalgia form when I had played my previous ROM.

I clicked NEW GAME, named my character, and went to go pick a Starter Pokémon from Professor Elm.

Professor Elm said only this:

"This CYNDAQUIL wants to come with you- It seems to be named FOX, will you take it?"

How could I say no?

The End.
Inspired by :iconbla-roth:'s image:

EDIT: Wow! Thank you all for reading it and the comments and such. =) Remember to look up the original image~ The story is only half the... well... story. XD;

EDIT 2 You're kidding me, this was on the front page for a little while. o_o; Wow. Thank you all! Remember to check :iconbla-roth:'s image out!

In the description she noted she wanted someone to write a story for it- so here is the second creepypasta I've written.

It was quite fun writting this, inspiration hit me as I went through it and yeah. Typhlosion is one of my favorites after all.
And it had all the elements ready for a .hack/Digimon/sci-fi esque type of story, so viola!

Hexagons and AIDAesque-dots and all that. Digimon movie type rebirth ending.

She provided me with some background info, and I went from there.

Is it just me or do creepy things tend to happen with Cyndaquil's line quite often. Poor Cyndaquil... T_T They're my favorite evolution line.

Tell me if there's any glaring errors guys! I edited it as best I could. ^_^

Story concept + Fox (c) Bla-roth
Written by me.
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
That little preview image, yeah, I screencapped one of those things and altered it. Hehe. Thought it'd be cool. So I suppose it belongs originally to whoever first made one of those things?
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Why does the Depressing stuff happened to the Typhlosion line more than any other pokemon.
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